Always drink 3 kinds of water a year is not sick

Skin care water.

 Material: persimmon leaves, Coix Seed, Lithospermum. Cui Jun, director of nutrition at Beijing Electric Power Hospital, especially recommended persimmon leaves, it has the role of lungs and laxatives, often used to make skin care soup, often drink can promote metabolism, Lee urine, pass the stool. To the pharmacy can buy.


The persimmon leaves, Coix seed and Lithospermum water with Simmer 15 to 20 minutes on the line, the filter residue after the juice add sugar seasoning, so bottled brought to the unit to drink.


Coix seed skin care effect is also very good. Cui Jun introduction, Yiyiren rich in vitamins B1, B2, can make the skin smooth, and diuretic, eliminate the role of edema. When young people acne from the past when the elderly at home will be used to treat porridge Yiyiren, can help restore the skin as soon as possible. In addition, Lithospermum also has blood circulation, heat detoxification, the role of the bowel laxative.


Remove fire water.


Material: Sophora japonica, Poria, fresh hawthorn. Hawthorn to nuclear mash, and Poria put the pot cook for ten minutes, filter residue juice, and then use this juice Huaihua, add rock sugar on the line. Sophora japonica has detoxification, cooling lungs and lungs in the past, in many places there is the tradition of steam locust, treat it as a good fire cured snacks. In addition to clear fire, Poria also enhance the role of human immunity.


This cup of water due to the addition of hawthorn, taste better, as well as lipid-lowering effect. Cui Jun said his blood lipids are a bit high, usually like to take this to drink water, a touch of sweetness, it is easy to import.


Qingyan water.


Material: dried persimmons, fat sea, Mangosteen. Qingyan water is also very good to do. Put the dried persimmons now in the bowl, cover tightly with a lid, cut into pieces after 15 minutes of steaming, and then put them in a cup together with fat sea and washed smashed Mangosteen for 5 minutes.


Fat sea, Mangosteen are the classic recipe Qinghuo, soaked in water after long-term drinking, there Qingyan analgesic, cough swelling role. Cui Jun introduction, some people will choose to lotus leaf, licorice, etc. also put in, so the taste will feel more refreshing. But need to be reminded that persimmon persimmon cream on the cooling, heat, pharynx effect, is a good thing, do not give it away.

Eat 5 kinds of fruits to prevent chronic disease


Apple is good for the brain. The study found that the antioxidants quercetin contained in apples can improve the overall health of the nervous system. Researchers at Cornell University in the United States found that apples help to protect nerve cells from oxidative stress and reduce the risk of people with cognitive disorders.


Banana prevent heart disease . Banana contains dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B6 work together to ensure that the heart in the best working condition.


Grapes help to burn fat. Grape is rich in resveratrol, the effect of burning fat is particularly good. Researchers at the University of Georgia in the United States found that resveratrol causes 2.46 times faster breakdown of fat cells than normal.


Orange can reduce wrinkles. The abundance of vitamin C in orange helps to reverse the skin damage caused by sunlight and pollution, reduce wrinkles and improve the overall texture of the skin.


Pear can prevent cancer . Pears contain more dietary fiber than any other fruit, helping to expel carcinogens in the colon and reduce the risk of colon cancer. In addition, it contains phloretin, a flavonoid that inhibits the growth of melanoma , lymphoma , liver and colon cancer cells.




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