Baby to eat these foods to enhance immunity

  Baby in the mother when the stomach received some antibodies, the equivalent of a layer of natural protective barrier against certain diseases, but because the baby has just born, white blood cell function is not perfect, for the external impact of factor resistance than Weak, therefore, the problem of low immunity, is also obvious, then, the performance of the baby immunity is what?


Poor baby's performance:


Congenital immunity is low


Symptoms: Early onset, severe can show clinical symptoms after birth; recurrent major infectious diseases such as sepsis , pneumonia , meningitis , repeated diarrhea ; poor treatment after infection, the disease unhealed; normal Serious infection after vaccination; similar family history; easy to accompany cancer, leukemia .


Need for treatment: is pathological, need treatment.


Treatment of the key to recovery: medically known as immune deficiency. Congenital immune deficiency and more caused by genetic mutations, it is hereditary. Congenital immunocompromised treatment, the need to use different measures according to the disease, the general treatment is more difficult, the treatment is long-term.


Acquired secondary immune deficiency


Symptoms: baby due to infection, drugs, malnutrition, etc., resulting in low immunity. The performance of recurrent respiratory infections, but also gastrointestinal infections, the general symptoms of mild, but recurrent, can cause more serious nutritional disorders and aggravating malnutrition.


Need for treatment: is pathological, need treatment.


The key to the recovery of treatment is to remove the virus or bacterial lesion that may damage the immune system; to change or disable the drugs that cause the immunodeficiency; to timely treat the diseases that may affect the immune system, such as congenital heart disease ; when the heart is deformed, Infection will be significantly improved; to avoid malnutrition affect the baby's immune system development and maturation. Remove these adverse factors, most of the baby's immune function will gradually recover.


Physiological immunity is low


Symptoms, mainly the upper respiratory tract, such as cold, etc., rather than pneumonia, meningitis, sepsis and other serious infections. Often due to changes in the weather, changes in living conditions and other daily situations, usually self-healing.


Need for treatment: Normal, usually without treatment.


The key to healing is that children are more susceptible to colds than adults, which is because their children have low levels of physiological immunity. Physiological immunity is a normal phenomenon that everyone must experience during their growth.


According to the recommendations of nutrition experts, for the one-year-old baby immunity is not high, the amount of nutrients, promote baby's absorption capacity are feasible ways:


Improve the immunity of infants, while for the infirm, the use of drugs (antibiotics, etc.), anorexia, malnutrition, constipation , diarrhea, water and soil discomfort, poor absorption, caesarean section, non-breastfeeding situation quite good.


Colostrum nutrition similar to human colostrum, containing 37 natural antibodies and a variety of growth factors and nutrients, immune factors higher than human colostrum, immunoglobulin content is 50-100 times higher than human colostrum.


High-quality bifidobacteria, colostrum, glucose as the main raw material, made by ultra-low temperature freeze-dried nutritional foods, can effectively supplement probiotics and natural antibodies, regulate intestinal flora, improve the body's resistance to disease. Particularly suitable for indigestion , diarrhea and constipation, frail children and children.


Increase the baby's immune system, parents can usually prepare more for the following categories of food:


Eat more foods rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C has the function of preventing virus infection and strong body. Vitamin C can help synthesize antibodies, enhance the body's overall resistance, vitamin C can also be harmful substances out of white blood cells, restore the ability of damaged tissue, in cold or fever , the body's leukocyte vitamin C concentration will be reduced, it should be Pay attention to supplement the food rich in vitamin C. Food rich: citrus, pineapple, strawberry, celery, green peppers (vitamin C is easily destroyed at high temperatures, made of fresh fruit juice drink, both convenient and effective).


Eat more foods rich in zinc. Zinc can directly inhibit the breeding of cold virus, while enhancing the body's immune function, a "virus killer" reputation. Rich in food: oysters, lean meat, liver, fish, egg yolk and so on.


Eat more foods rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A can stabilize the human epithelial cell membrane, enhance the body's immune system. When vitamin A deficiency, a variety of disease-resistant cells with the ability to decline, respiratory mucosa barrier function of the barrier also weakened, once the virus, the invasion of bacteria, it is prone to respiratory infections. Rich in food: milk, eggs, carrots, vegetables, leaves, fish oil and so on.




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