Several small problems cupping very useful

stiff neck

Autumn, the temperature difference between morning and evening, so many people wake up to find the neck pain, can not rotate, stiff neck. For the cold syndrome of stiff neck, cupping therapy is better. The main features of such patients with stiff neck: early onset of neck, shoulder pain stiff discomfort, turn restricted, especially spin backwards, head crooked toward the contralateral, muscle cramps sore, may be accompanied by aversion to cold, Dizziness , mental fatigue, lackluster and other symptoms.

You may wish to change after a stiff neck pillow, pillow too low, so that the head is always in a state of sinking, neck muscle cramps; and pillow too high, then the neck muscles are always in a state of traction. These two conditions, will keep the cervical spine high tension, causing cervical discomfort. For healthy people, the pillow to choose loose, soft. Habit supine people, the height of the pillow should be 5cm ~ 10cm, people who are used to lie sideways, the height of the pillow should be 10cm ~ 15cm.

Muscle spasms

The recent cold wind blowing, neck and shoulder muscles exposed, vulnerable to cold gas stimulation, the local protective muscle contraction, leading to neck and shoulder muscle tension spasm, and then oppression to the nerves, blood vessels, the occurrence of pain discomfort. Cold resistance meridian type of neck and shoulder disease patients are more suitable cupping therapy. The main symptoms of such patients are: headache , occipital or shoulder pain, stiff neck, poor lateral rotation, numbness of the shoulder and fingers on one or both sides, or headache associated with upper back pain, chin of the shoulders and shoulders Hot, cervical paravertebral sometimes can touch the swelling nodules.

Do not rush to massage the neck pain, Beijing Jiuquan Hospital Spinal Surgery, deputy chief physician Liu Yajun introduction, if there is repeated neck pain should pay attention to understand the cause. It is best to take a cervical X-ray to see if cervical disc herniation, cervical instability and other issues. Determine the type of illness, and then decide whether to massage treatment. Although the non-invasive treatment of cervical spondylosis , but not necessarily safe and effective. Wrong treatment, will cause secondary damage to the cervical spine.


Dazu blood cupping and cupping treatment of sore throat, can vent heat, lower emergency fire. This therapy put the blood volume is very small, is the use of prongs or plum blossom needle prick after bleeding, mainly to achieve the purpose of Kaiqixuezheng, pass through the network, especially for acute onset, high fever, swelling and pain and other discomfort Symptoms of Chinese medicine based on the heat syndrome. Such as patients with high fever, constipation , sore throat, or even pus and other symptoms of hot to be more obvious, located in the back of the neck Dazhui cupping treatment, will help fever, righteousness Quxie, the role of balance adjustment of the human body yin and yang better.


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