The best longevity medicine is a laugh

"Laughing people will not be too bad luck!" This is the Internet has been circulating a word.


In fact, people who love to laugh not only bad luck, health will not be too bad!


1.Laughter is a tonic


Laughter helps heart health, which may sound strange, but laughter is really a needle "tonic." Laughter can increase heart blood flow, promote blood circulation, reduce heart attack.


A study by the University of California, Los Angeles, found that laughter can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes , the effect is equivalent to jogging half an hour. Those who watch comedies, the body's stress hormones, blood pressure and cholesterol levels were significantly decreased.


Of course, there must be a degree of laughter, for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients, lame breath may increase the burden on the heart, inducedCoronary heart disease , angina and so on.


2.Laughter is an analgesic without side effects


Laughter is the most natural and painless agent with no side effects. When you laugh, breathing, heart rate, and lung activity are much better than sadness, and they regulate the nervous system and reduce pain sensitivity.


A study published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society has shown that a heartfelt laughter produces the body's opioid-refractory chemical, endorphins. 15 minutes of laughter can increase the level of pain tolerance by 10%. Of course, laughter is heartfelt, relaxed laughter, not polite smile.


3.Laughter can enhance immunity


Many of the longevity of the elderly are mostly happy people. Laughter, optimistic people infected with low risk of inflammation, longer life expectancy. The body has a kind of immune cells called T cells, also known as happy cells, when people laugh can stimulate T cell production and division, thereby enhancing human immunity.


William Frye at Stanford University in the United States found that laughter can increase the number of antibodies and immune cells in the blood and saliva, and also excite parasympathetic nerves, decrease adrenaline levels and relieve fatigue. In addition, laughter also helps the blood circulation, speed up the metabolism, giving a very dynamic feeling.


4.Laughter is a free weight loss medicine


More laughter can also consume calories, help to lose weight. Is it very attractive?


A study from Vanderbilt University in the United States confirms that there are 80 muscle twitching in the body when people laugh and that people can consume 20% more calories when in a laughed state than under a serious condition. If you smile happy every day for 10-15 minutes, equal to the calories can be consumed 50 kcal, a year to reduce body fat about 2 kg.


5.Laugh to promote blood circulation


The latest research from the University of Texas in the United States shows that those who laugh at comedies heartily, laughter low, or usually laugh in their lives smirk, blood circulation increases by 21% and the effect lasts for 24 hours. And when they look serious documentaries, the blood circulation rate will drop 18%.


6.Laughter is a Qingfei medicine


Chinese medicine has "often laugh Xuanfei" one said. Laughter beneficial breathing, it can make the lung expansion, chest muscle excitement, diaphragm rise, deepen breathing exercises, in addition to clean the respiratory tract. Every time you laugh, the diaphragm is about 18 times peristalsis.


When people laugh, they can absorb more oxygen into the body, with smooth blood all over the body, so that every cell in the body can get enough oxygen.


7.Laugh can protect memory


Researchers at the University of the American University of Rome found that smiling can reduce the level of cortisol and other stress hormones, not only lower blood pressure, but also reduce their damage to the neurons in the hippocampus and reduce memory impairment.


8.Laugh is a convenient decompression agent


Laugh can help us to relieve tension and enhance self-confidence. Although not so god, but smile can really reduce the pressure caused by the secretion of hormones, to help eliminate the interpersonal membrane, giving a positive and positive guidance.


Even though we are just laughing, smiling still has the same effect. Just a distressing smile does not look so beautiful.


9.Laughing people are happier


Laughter will make you more happy. Psychological studies show that there is interaction between the smile on the face and the happiness in the heart. From the heart of the smile, you can make people happy. Encounter friends, co-workers, or passers-by in a hurry, try to smile at them; with people who love to smile, smile because of the strong appeal, they can give you a lot of positive energy transfer.





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