Sneezing others will lead you to what disease?

  When the winter time, many people around one after another cold and fever, standing in a crowded subway, others hit a sneeze, a car who feared enough to avoid any fear of being infected with any strange disease. Is sneezing contagious? Sneezing others, you will be infected what disease?

What diseases have sneezing symptoms?

In human nasal mucosa, filled with many highly sensitive nerve cells, when irritating gases, irritating foreign body into the human nostrils, the nerve cells on the nasal mucosa will be passed to the brain, the brain will be Quickly give instructions to drive foreign bodies out by sneezing.

Everyone has experienced sneezing, which is a normal phenomenon, is the body's own clean emergency response, sometimes because itchy nose sneezing, it does not matter, and sometimes, some diseases of the body will Symptoms of sneezing.

1, flu:

upper respiratory tract (including nose, pharynx, larynx) infection early symptoms generally have sneezing, stuffy nose and other symptoms, nasal mucosa by the virus after stimulation, will produce congestion, mucus, it will cause sneezing reflex.

2, rhinitis :

acute rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, dry rhinitis and so prone to sneeze reaction, such people's nasal cavity susceptible to external stimuli, often accompanied by nasal congestion, headache, sore throat and other symptoms occur.

Sneezing will spread the disease to others?

Definitely! Studies have shown that one sneeze containing 100,000 droplets of saliva, these droplets have thousands of pathogens, they will be 41 m / s speed "forward", if the patient directed at you Sneezing, it is likely to be cold, rhinitis, flu and other diseases transmitted to you, unfortunately, may also be infected with mumps, tuberculosis and other diseases.

Therefore, when sneezing, it is best to cover your mouth with a paper towel, or bacteria and viruses will spread to others, even if no one around, the virus is also very easy to attach to the object, others will also get the same touch disease. In addition, after sneezing must pay attention to wash their hands in time.





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