Recurrent cold is the performance of poor immunity? not necessarily!

  Recently, the controversy caused by the pimoidide, a western medicine immune regulator, has also caused a wave of concern over the topic of improving immunity. What is immunity in the end? Old children and infirm influenza cold episodes, is the immunity decreased? Healthy body how to adjust disease resistance? Is it necessary to use medications to boost immunity? What are the usual methods to be able to fight disease without medication? Reporter visits Chinese medicine experts, one by one for the streets to distrust.

Three principles of physical resistance

Take a restful work-rest combined with a balanced diet

"Immunity" is not imported goods

Children often have multiple cold, many parents will be generally considered "immune decline." According to experts, in modern medicine, immunity refers to the ability of the body to resist invasion of various external factors and maintain the stability of the internal environment. For example, foreign bodies such as viruses, bacteria and the like that allow the human body to recognize and eliminate invading foreign bodies, process their own cells for aging, injury and death, and identify and process in vivo mutant cells and virus-infected cells.

The term "immune" was first seen in the book "Immunization" in the medical book of Ming Dynasty in China, which means "immunization", that is, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. Ming Dynasty Chinese medicine invented smallpox to prevent smallpox, creating a precedent for world immunology. It can be said that our traditional Chinese medicine is the "originator" of the study of immunity. As for the disease resistance ability, as early as in The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic, it records that "righteousness exists, evil can not be done, the evil should be scooped up, and its gas must be empty," which shows that the key to human health lies in its "uprightness," its own resistance ability.

The stronger the better immunity? wrong!

Repeated cold ≠ decreased immunity

Professor Xu Zhengli, director of Chinese Pediatrics Department of Integrative Medicine Hospital, Southern Medical University, said that the human immune system not only has "innate immunity" resulting from birth, but also "acquired immunity" naturally obtained in the life process of living. It is noteworthy that, when the immunity is low, the immune system can not play a protective role due to various reasons, people are easily infected or suffering from diseases such as cancer; abnormal immunity also triggers allergic reactions and autoimmune diseases.

Children's immune system is not perfect, low immunity is prone to recurrent respiratory infections, diarrhea and other diseases, hypersensitivity occurs allergic rhinitis, atopic eczema, allergic asthma and other symptoms. Therefore, the recurrence of children a wide range of cold symptoms are not necessarily all the decline in immunity, can only say that immune dysfunction.

Immune regulation has a "two-way"

Healthy people need to take medicine to enhance

First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, Professor Sun Shengyun Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine Professor introduction, the medical immunomodulator according to the role can be divided into immune enhancers such as BCG, immunosuppressive agents such as prednisone, two-way immunomodulator Thymopentin three; if According to the source, it can be divided into human and animal immune system products, such as interferon, interleukin, etc .; chemical synthesis agents, such as isoprinosin, vitamin D, etc .; biological agents such as BCG, lentinan; Chinese medicine or plant sources such as ginseng , Ganoderma lucidum, medlar and so on.

To balance the body's immune system is healthy, do not need to take drugs to blindly improve immunity, otherwise it is easy to disrupt the balance, causing disruption, and thus sick. People who need to use immunomodulatory agents, mainly cancer, organ transplantation, rheumatoid arthritis and other patients.


Elderly children how to regulate immunity?


Xu Zhengli introduction, modern scientific research found that the decline of human aging and immune function was positively correlated, so the elderly population may be appropriate to use immunomodulatory agents to control aging such as (isoprinoside). Children improve disease resistance mainly from the regulation of lung spleen and kidney dysfunction to carry out, children's physiological characteristics are delicate organs, gas is not filled, vigorous, rapid development, so the lack of pediatric function is relative, with increasing age increasingly perfect, Treatment from stimulating children's own disease resistance to start, make up with the combination, with the dial should be, the effect is obvious. The people who recover from serious illness are generally absolutely wasting, replenishing the main, but also need to follow the "there is a disease is medicine."

Sun Shengyun further suggested that the elderly to protect the immune system, be sure to quit smoking limit alcohol. Long-term addiction is difficult to quit people think smoking cessation will make the mental reaction slowed down, there are indeed studies that nicotine stimulation can delay the onset of Alzheimer's disease, but with a direct impact on life-threatening lung cancer compared to the rate , Is unmatched.

Elderly retirement if you can not find a new focus, the psychological gap, it is easy to accelerate the body's aging, it is best to develop positive and healthy hobbies, enrich the spiritual life, so as to achieve the purpose of physical resistance.


Several ways to improve the disease resistance in children


1. Reasonable feeding. Avoid nutrients with unreasonable, "For children's safety, often with three points hunger and cold."

2. Pay attention to living environment, to avoid passive inhalation of smoke, environmental pollution.

3. Weekday pay attention to oral cleaning: Let your baby brush their teeth daily morning and evening, mouthwash after meals, to prevent pharyngeal infection.

Reasonable medication. Do not abuse antibiotics themselves, should be identified as bacterial infection, and under the guidance of a doctor appropriate selection of sensitive antibiotics for treatment.

5. To strengthen the movement. Avoid captivity, ensure outdoor sunbathing and activity time; ensure adequate sleep.

Music Intervention Music and the Five Elements are recorded in the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic. Can be five lines of Chinese medicine and Mozart serenade, etc. as a background music every 25 minutes, 2 to 3 times a day.

7 massage, lungs and strong lungs. Every morning, 6 times for a course of treatment, rest for 3 days to continue, commonly used practices such as wasps into the hole, take the wind pool points, chiropractic and so on.


Moxibustion therapy. Can be under the guidance of Chinese pediatric.

9. Psychological support. Immune disorder is the result of a multi-factorial effect, and psychological factors also have some relevance. Many elderly people think that children can eat full and warm, there is no emotional problems, it is not. Whether it is the concept of modern childcare or traditional Chinese medicine, will pay attention to emotional counseling on the role of physical conditioning.





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