The cleaning steps of the Petri dish

Usually after soaking, scrubbing, pickling, and cleaning four steps.
1. soak: new or used glassware must first soaked in water, soften and dissolve attachments. New glassware before you can use the tap water with a simple brushing, and then soaked with 5% hydrochloric acid overnight; used glassware is often accompanied by a large number of protein and fat, dry and not easy to wash off, it should be immediately immersed in the water after the scrub The
2. Scrub: Place the soaked glassware in the detergent water and brush it with a soft brush. Do not leave dead ends and prevent damage to the surface finish of the utensils. Wash the clean glassware clean, dry, prepare acid.
3. Pickling: Pickling is to soak the above containers into the cleaning fluid, also known as acid, through the strong oxidation of acid to remove the surface of the vessel may be residual substances. Pickling should not be less than six hours, usually overnight or longer. Be careful to take the utensils.
4. Rinse: After washing and pickling of the utensils must be fully washed with water, pickled acid after cleaning whether the clean, directly affect the success or failure of cell culture. Manual washing after pickling the vessel, each vessel at least to "water - emptying" more than 15 times, and finally with heavy water immersion 2-3 times, dry or dry after packaging spare.


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