Petri Dish and Bioset Monitor (MCE Gridded Membrane)

BiosetTM disposable sterile Monitor are for contaminants monitoring, microbiological testing and sterility testing in liquid samples like food/beverages from raw materials to finished products.

 The easy system of low-cost disposable, ready to use sterile filter sets bring significant convenience to your daily activities in the laboratory and enable you to optimize the analysis time for routine testing.

 Each unit consisting of a measured filter funnel, base, pad, membrane, removable lid and plug.


?   MCE gridded membrane with pad with choice of pore size (0.2, 0.45, 0.8 µm)

?   Black or white gridded membrane choice for better contrast

?   Ready to use:  testing time can be significantly reduced

?   All-in-one system: filtration unit easily converts to a petri dish, which can be labeled and incubated for culturing

?   Heavy-duty  polystyrene (PS), translucent, lightweight, and have reinforced rims and inside fluting

?   Heat-resistant, chemically inert hydrophobically non stick

?   Removable 100ml graduated plastic funnel

?   No risk of phthalate contamination

?   Easy handling 



?   Total colony counts detection, especially for detection of microorganisms contamination in liquids like beverage, wine and so on

?   Qualitative and quantitative analysis of microbiological testing of pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, water and other liquids.