Office health abuse inventory

Office health abuse inventory


Long stay in the office work overtime you, do not know many habits have caused harm to their own health. Quick contrast, the "successful bidder" all get rid of the habit!


1, sedentary. For a long time sitting in front of the computer motionless hard work, do not know so much to our body caused much harm. Poor blood flow, muscle stiffness, back pain, but also to our cervical spine caused great harm. Move up and down every hour, often turning the neck and waist, good for our health.


2, drinking too little, thirsty before drinking. Busy work often leaves us without taking a sip of water a whole morning, which affects not only our normal metabolism but especially our kidneys.


3, long time wearing high heels. Although the high-heeled shoes, beautiful, but a long time wearing it will make our feet forced to bear too much pressure, can not get rest, and triggered foot disease is even more shocking. May wish to have a pair of comfortable flat shoes in the office, no important meetings and customers, let your feet relaxed.


4, a long time at the computer. Computer radiation on our skin and body have a great deal of damage, and long-term watching the computer screen will make our eyesight dropped dramatically. Put a pot of green radish on the table, standing green tea and chrysanthemum tea, can ease the radiation damage.


Eight bad habits in the office must be changed Eight bad habits in the office must be changed


5, rocker legs. This position seems to make us feel very comfortable, but in fact will result in poor leg blood flow, worse still can cause spine deformation.


6, long time blowing air conditioning. For a long time to stay in airtight open air-conditioned office, the air is not circulated, rare to breathe a hint of fresh air, so easy to suffer from "air conditioning disease."


7, was troubled by bacteria. Think of your desk phone, computer keyboard, mouse, how long did not clean up and disinfected, and these small things you use every day just hides a lot of bacteria, to our health has brought great risks.


8, holding back urine. Can not help but on the toilet, your kidneys will protest!


4 tips to help you prevent office pollution


Modern office methods determine the office pollution is inevitable, but can be controlled by some know-how to minimize the harm to the human body.


Multi ventilation and cleaning


The first thing to do is to open the window ventilation, which is the best way to purify the air. Office should ensure that every day window ventilation not less than twice, each time not less than 15 minutes. Printers, copiers, fax machines and other equipment is best placed on the walkways, independent rooms or other well-ventilated place, do not put on the desk. Paper most easily contaminated with dust, do not need to clean up. Telephone, keyboard, etc. should be promptly disinfected.


Place green plants


Every 10 square meters of area placed more than two kinds of flowers and plants of a certain size, can maximize the reduction of office pollution. Chlorophytum, Gerbera, flower viewing Birch can absorb formaldehyde and nicotine, but also decomposition of copiers, printers, emissions. Ear fern, ivy, Tieshu, chrysanthemum can decompose in the carpet, insulation, plywood formaldehyde, hidden in the printing ink solvent harmful to the kidneys of xylene and so on. Use of high quality activated carbon placed as ideal, without watering, adsorption capacity is stronger than plants.


Diet regulation


Some specific foods also fight office pollution. Such as kelp, black fungus, rapeseed, mustard, cabbage, radish can reduce isotopes, radiation damage to immune function. Long-term noise on the human body B vitamins consume a lot, should eat foods rich in B vitamins, such as millet, oats, corn and so on. Many office workers deal with many documents every day, and sometimes lying on the file to rest, lead, mercury and other direct contact with you, drink milk sooner or later each day can achieve the purpose of driving lead.


Develop good office habits


Rest for 10 minutes every 1 hour of work, activities, back, or do eye exercises. There are a variety of simple exercise at the desk to try, a few minutes to relieve stress, relax muscles and restore physical strength, such as can do a few yoga moves, attention will be more focused, emotions will ease a lot.


The above is the experts levy on the office health care inventory analysis, how, you now know it. Do not lie in front of the computer during lunch break, so you can stay away from the radiation.





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