Microbiology research methods and techniques are there

1.Microbiology research methods and techniques are:

Micro-technology, purebred culture technology, aseptic technology, pure separation and purification technology and microbial preservation technology.

2.Microscopy: Microscopy is the technique of using optical or electro-optical system devices to observe the morphological structure and characteristics of tiny objects that the naked eye can not tell. Including: ① the basic principles of a variety of microscopes, operation and application of technology; ② microscopy sample preparation techniques; ③ observation results of the recording, analysis and processing technology.

3.Pure culture: The most important aspect of pure culture lies in the physiology of microorganisms, which is established by L. Pasteur and R. Koch , relying on sterilization and separation . In nature, some conditions are difficult to cultivate, especially those with close symbiotic relationships and parasitic nutrition; there are also organisms that are theoretically impossible to purely culture. Pure culture - In the field of microbiology, offspring derived from one cell or from a group of the same cells are cultured in pure culture.

4.Aseptic technique: Aseptic technique is a series of operating techniques that keep sterile articles, sterile areas free from contamination, and prevent pathogenic microorganisms from invading the body during medical care operations. Aseptic technique refers to the operation techniques and management methods that prevent all microorganisms from invading the body and keeping the sterile articles and the aseptic areas from being contaminated during the execution of medical and nursing techniques.

5.Purification: Purification is the process of separating a polysaccharide mixture into a single polysaccharide. In the identification of species , the microorganisms used are generally required to be pure culture. The process of obtaining pure culture is called isolation and purification.


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