Eight factors lead to white hair

Some people say that white hair is a symbol of life experience. Having said that, if you are young and have a white hair, whether it is on the personal image or mental state, will have a negative impact. So, everyone wants to have a dark hair.


Why do some hairs appear on my head from time to time? How to get the hair back to black and beautiful? Here, we tell you the bad habit of whitening your hair.

Uneven nutritional intake


Modern people often rush to solve a meal because of their busy schedule, resulting in a serious unbalance of nutrient intake. Melanocytes, in the absence of nutrients, can not make melanin for the hair.


[Countermeasures] Eat more fish with high protein content and foods rich in vitamin E that promote metabolism. In addition, seaweed also has a good effect on activating melanocytes.


Insufficient exercise


Lack of exercise led to poor blood circulation, making the blood can not be delivered to all corners of the scalp, melanoma cells do not work.


[Countermeasures] may wish to take a walk in the company before a stop it! Walk 15 minutes a day, rest time bones and other activities, a small habit can easily have a dark hair!


Accumulate pressure


When feeling stressed, the muscles will be tense, stiff, blood vessels will contract and the blood will be delivered slowly.


[Measures] before going to sleep soak in a warm bath, or watch a funny movie, regular divergence unhappy mood, do not let the pressure to suppress themselves out of breath.


Insufficient blood


Chinese medicine believes that one of the main reasons for the hair whitening is lack of qi and blood. Hair is an important manifestation of qi and blood in the body, black hair, thick, supple, bright on behalf of ample blood; and white hair, hair loss, dry hair, etc. are women's lackluster performance.


[Countermeasures] usually eat red dates, longan, angelica and other foods that help qi and blood.


No head sunscreen


Long-term exposure of the head in the UV, melanoma cells vulnerable to damage, not only the hair becomes frizz, hair color will fade.


[Countermeasures] Usually be sure to do a good job hair sunscreen work, you can wear a hat or hold umbrellas, protective work at any time, to avoid the destruction of ultraviolet rays.


Kidney deficiency


Chinese medicine is considered as blood, but also published in the kidney, so that the kidney its in the hair, beware of kidney failure ( insomnia , neurasthenia ), or lack of natural endowment, or thought excessive consumption of bleeding, or scared to hurt the kidney Fine, the hair will be white.


[Countermeasure] To want to pay attention to the black hair fluttering maintenance kidney.


unstable emotion


Emotional changes can easily make the body nervous dysfunction, so the function of secreting melanin will also be obstacles that affect the synthesis and transport of pigment particles, will grow a lot of white hair.


Due to extreme stress, sadness and other negative emotions, often lead to a series of dramatic changes in the body, resulting in serious disorders of endocrine, people appear in a short period of white hair.


[Countermeasure] Give yourself leave, go to the suburbs to go, or listen to songs, chat with friends, and fully release the pressure.




Nicotine in cigarettes is the killer of white hair! After nicotine is inhaled, vasoconstriction leads to poor blood flow. In addition, will also promote baldness, wrinkles, dark circles and other forms.


[Countermeasure] Quit smoking, without delay.


■ Reminder


How to avoid hair white?


1, to maintain adequate sleep every day to ensure that at least six hours of sleep. If you often work overtime, the body can not get a good rest, there will be a series of hair condition. Such as hair yellow, dry is not supple, no gloss. . .


So, want to have a dark hair, adequate sleep is an important prerequisite.


2, to maintain a good mood depends on their own mood, not important matters too much picky. Every day in a mood of irritability, the harsh environment of the place will certainly affect the mood, bad mood, emergency five internal organs, the five internal organs can not be a good blood supply operation, the first fault is the hair. So keeping a good mood is good for your health.


3, life is movement, all organs of the body are active, blood flow in every cell in the body are activated, the hair will be black and shiny.


4, good care of kidney hair is the root cause of kidney, kidney deficiency will directly lead to the occurrence of white hair. Usually you can eat some kidney food, such as soybeans and black beans, sesame, wolfberry and so on.






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