Cell Culture Plate

Cell Culture Plate

Cell Culture PlateCell Culture Plate2


Cell and Tissue Culture Plates are available with 6,12,24 and 96 well plates. Surface treated or non-treated.

Produced conform to the SBS-3d-standard and Manufactured of (USP class VI) virgin polystyrene to eliminate all extraneous materials and ensure the integrity of your cells.



Manufactured according to ANSI/SBS-3d-standards

Ridged grip area ensures a secure grasp and prevents from accidentally lifting off the lid

Lid with air-venting system guarantees controlled gas exchange with low evaporation

Single position lids to prevent cross-contamination

Clear alpha-numerical labelling between the wells for easy orientation during microscopy

Growth area on spherical zone only

Absolutely flat growth surface

All MS® plate sizes (6, 12, 24 and 96-well) stack securely together

Crystal clear transparency

Certified nonpyrogenic, RNase and DNase free, Non-toxic



Cell growth and cell yields on multiple

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