Why do people snoring when sleeping?

Sleeping snoring is a common phenomenon in daily life. There are many people snoring as sleeping performance, to see someone snoring sleep, next to people will have a smile, "Look, sleep more fragrant!" However, in the doctors view, some play Snoring is not as sweet as sleep, but may be a sign of illness.

A .Why do people snoring when sleeping?


Sleep is an indispensable physiological process of mankind, human life, one-third of the time spent in sleep, good sleep is an important symbol of human health, related to everyone's health and work And life.


Department of Respiratory Medicine, Sun Yat-sen Second Hospital, said Xin Xinrui, deputy director, said: "Normal people are sleeping, the airway is open, the air flow can be smoothly through the airways, issued a uniform, smooth, quiet breathing sound. When people sleep at night, due to the collapse of the upper airway, which leads to poor ventilation, as the air flow passes through the stenosis, it causes vibration and the snore we hear.


Some people may feel puzzled: So why those snoring people will not snoring in the daytime awake? "This is because compensatory contraction of the muscles of the throat during the daytime awake can temporarily keep the airway open without clogging, but at night this neuromuscular decompensation can not maintain the upper airway opening State, so there will be a grunt. "Tian Xinrui said," When the severity of the airway more serious, or even become completely blocked, it may lead to apnea, we call it ' snoring ' in medicine Called obstructive sleep apnea syndrome . "


B .how to determine whether suffering from "snoring"


Because the onset of sleep snoring generally mild, I will not be awakened, but feel deep sleep, so often do not pay attention. In fact, snoring is the enemy of health and often leads to fatigue, drowsiness, lack of energy during the day, headache , dull morning , memory, attention, judgment and alertness. It is understood that even those who occasionally snore also have a 20% higher risk of developing heart disease than normal people . Often insomnia, snoring is 33% higher. In addition, sleep and breathing repeatedly suspended, easily lead to severe hypoxia, the formation of hypoxemia, and induced hypertension , arrhythmia, angina , myocardial infarction , and even sudden death in the early morning .


So how to judge may suffer from "snoring"? Tian Xinrui introduction, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome is daytime drowsiness, no energy during the day, malaise, suffocation and so on. When a person is asleep, he or she will not be aware of a pause in breathing. This pause usually does not completely awaken the person, except that when the respiration is resumed, one enters a deep sleep from a deep sleep. This process makes sleep very shallow and fragmented, and occurs hundreds of times a night, even if the patient sleeps for 10 hours, can not get enough rest. In other words, patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome sleep eight or nine hours at night still less than normal sleep three or four hours, light sleep, fragmented sleep, often arousal, but they do not feel, sleep quality Not good, so, we must pay attention.


C .Active care to prevent snoring


Patients suffering from snoring, to be actively prevented. Of course, for ordinary snoring, easier to control, for the "snoring", the best way for patients is timely medical treatment. So how should care in life, Tian Xinrui suggested:


First of all, do not engage in exciting activities before going to bed. The best activity before going to bed is gentle, do not let emotions too heated, because the nerves will not be able to relax immediately, making the night can not rest quietly. Second, when sleeping, the height of the pillow should be adjusted moderately, not too high, otherwise the throat and trachea formed angle is not conducive to ventilation. Adjust the sleeping position, take the lateral position, sleeping or tummy sleeping comparison will make the respiratory tract is not smooth, side sleep, the relaxed muscles will tend to one side, the more will not block the respiratory tract. Again, avoid smoking, drinking and irritating drugs. Smoking, drinking and irritating drugs can make the muscles more relaxed, blocking the respiratory tract. For obese people, obese nasal polyps are usually more hypertrophy, throat and nose meat more hypertrophy, more likely to clog the respiratory tract. Easy snoring, obesity should moderate weight, slowly increase the amount of exercise, jogging, tai chi and other sports, to prevent the elderly, pharyngeal muscle relaxation caused by snoring insomnia.





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